Saturday, November 21, 2015

What The Terns Told Me This Morning

A Facebook friend asked me today if I was still having a good time in Paris in spite of “the ruckus”.

Here is my response.

“I believe that (je crois que) you have read my post about being safe.

And that post was from 2010.

As I get ever closer to the grave, being safe bores me more and more shitless.

Having said that, I am having a great time.

Ruckus not noticed.

Tantrums are always best ignored.

And the muslim world is seemingly engulfed in one endless tantrum: they have lost in the battle of ideas (they don't have any other than nihilism) so they are indulging in the always present form of proto-human behavior that is left to those with nothing else: the tantrum.

The one thing I do think about is how easy it might be to highjack a FranPrix barge from down river, load it with Tim McVey type explosives and set it off under Pont Neuf.

That would not be pretty.

That would be a tantrum of some note.

The terns told me this morning they are tired of the whole thing.

paris terns on the seine 112115 00001

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