Monday, November 23, 2015

Lunch In Parc Montsourris

I have a favorite bench on the little lake in Parc Montsourris.

There are three of them and mine is the one in the middle.

If I get there after 1300 on a day that isn’t Saturday or Sunday I can usually get it.

That’s where I love to eat a sandwich poulet and drink a little bottle of wine.

I have been doing it for several years.

Today was a Monday that was supposed to be clear and blue skied all day; maybe it was going to be cold; that was good; I came hear expecting Paris’ typical November cold, not the 65 to 70 degree temperatures we have been having.

When I got there I got my bench.

paris lunch at parc montsourris 112315 00001

And after lunch, a walk around the Parc got me some parrot pictures.

paris montsourris parrot 112315 00009

And the rest of the walk yielded some pretty decent pictures also.

paris man in lake at parc montsourris 112315 00000

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