Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Walk In Paris On 4 November 2015

I got out earlier today than yesterday – 1230.

I walked down the river level quais to Pont d'Austerlitz because that is a nice walk and it leads to le Jardin des Plantes.

Le Jardin des Plantes is one of my favorite places to walk and take pictures.

And it is centrally located so it leaves open a number on nice follow on walk options.

Today I wasn’t that organized.

I just wanted to get out of the apartment as early as possible and take some pictures.

One of the things that makes le Jardin one of my favorites is frogs.

The little sporadic fish ponds have good looking medium sized dark green with black spots frogs.

Previously I have gotten some great pictures of them.

Today I hoped that that might be possible also.

Less likely I thought, but related to another reason for my love of the Jardin, was the possibility of seeing some parrots.

I have seen and gotten still images and videos of them in le Jardin on previous Paris sojourns.

Parc Montsourris is still parrot central, but le Jardin is in the running for second place, although le Jardin de Luxembourg is beginning to have some parrots also.

As it turned out as soon as I got into le Jardin des Plantes I heard the screech of parrots.

And one even posed for me.

paris images for email 110415  110415_00006

I didn’t see any frogs.

The weather today was iffy and I took an umbrella.

If it got too bad I was going to cut and run back to the Island.

If the rain held off I was going to leave le Jardin, cross the river and see if I could find the stairs that access le Promenade Plantée.

I had been there last November and I knew the steps were alongside the Opera at La Bastille, but l’Opera is really big and I wanted to be sure that I could find the steps again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice and should be a good day for a traverse of le Promenade.

The reward for that is the oysters at a place I know of along that route; and the champagne.

The rain held off and I walked up l’Arsenal de Paris.

I got this picture along l’Arsenal.

paris images for email 110415  110415_00009

I exited l’Arsenal, crossed over to l”Opera and I found the stairs; and I got some pretty nice pictures.

paris images for email 110415  110415_00008

paris images for email 110415  110415_00007

paris images for email 110415  110415_00003

When I retraced my steps from le Promenade to the river I got a great shot of the column at Place de la Bastille:

paris images for email 110415  110415_00001

It was a good day.

I finished with a small carafe of rosé at Le Depart.

I forgot to take a picture of the wine.

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