Monday, January 11, 2021

A 20 January 2021 Postmortem Peremptorily Presented

 The inauguration was going swimmingly.

Until it went off the rails.

A lot of dead people strewed the inaugural stage.

The new President and the new Vice President among the pile of corpses.

"How could this have happened?"

Was the cry throughout the land.

The valid post mortem of events was a surprisingly succinct and brief - terse, even, occasionally - report from a blue ribbon citizen's panel; the post mortem said that of all the security forces that were massed to defend the sacred event of inaugurating the two citizens who had won the recent election, most were riddled with militia and related armed white supremacist nuts, all armed - they were after all members of various Guards National - and they overwhelmed any remnants of valid American law enforcement.

That post mortem never was published.

No one knows why; it just disappeared; but it had existed - briefly - the late Nancy Pelosi had been assuring America  of that fact on national links when she was gunned down.

An associated video subsequently appeared on Parler showing a gun toting bearded one smashing the dais of the speaker of the house of representatives in front of a massive array of huge Dodge pickup trucks, all with pedestal mounted machine guns.

At the end of the video Leader Cruz comes on.

"Let me assure all Americans: your freedom is intact and I am in control; all is well; all is good; all is appropriate in this best of all possible worlds; trust me; follow me; only I can do what needs to be done".

There are stories of terrorist cells on the west coast of the Ex United States of America (EUSA) who are in open rebellion against Leader Cruz.

They will be crushed.

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