Friday, January 8, 2021

Thoughts On Complicity

 As I would interpret the word - complicity - I would think it to mean "co-operating'.

Co-operating, as I understand it, would mean going along with fellow travelers - individuals that live in a different orbit from the co-operators, but not directly committed to the same mission.

But the law enforcement apparatus that didn't defend the United States the other day were not individuals that live in some other orbit; they were members of that other orbit.

What happened in the Capitol the other day was not complicity, or co-operation.

It was a well executed plan.

And it was a plan that couldn't have been well executed if most of the so called law enforcement officers had not been, really, members of various militias.

Those militias are committed to finishing off our government.

That is why everyone who just wants to go to work, earn a living and feed his or her family should be terrified; donnie has seeded the United States with a ticking time bomb: there are millions of WWIII grade weapons bearing nuts who are ready to revisit Appomattox, and they all are waiting for him to call them to re-instate Robert E. Lee.

They hate the  post Lincoln United States; therefore, they hate America.

The irony of their dual flags - triple flags if you add the trump flag - drips down the hallways of history.

And they WILL come forth.

We are only days from street warfare in the United States.

And we are not configured in such a way that we can hope to prevail in the final battle.

The militias are the police, they are the Guard, and they are the military.

And we are screwed.

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