Monday, January 25, 2021

Better Get Moving, Joe Biden

 Five Days and it's obvious:

The republicans want to kill this change of leadership before it starts.

The gauntlet has been cast.

So, Joe, what are you gonna do?

As I understand your Scranton origins - Roman Catholic like me - and your Delaware love affair, you are a street fighter.

I worked for one of that type once.


He grew up in Buffalo - New York.

I just felt good working for Tom.

I even met his parents.

He and they were Polish,

So, Joe, you unreconstructed Irishman, and Roman Catholic; be at least as good as my one-time Polish American IBM boss: be a street fighter.

I am absolutely not suggesting that you do a donnie and incite insurrection.

I am suggesting that you, instead, do a Reagan, and go on the media in prime time and implore your fellow citizens to tell their supposed elected representatives that their time in office is in jeopardy; if they stonewall the livelihoods of massively millions of Americans, 

And keep doing it.

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