Sunday, January 3, 2021

Or To Put It Another Way

 The Constitution isn't very clear about what it takes for a US president to be impeached, let alone be removed from office.

But the Constitution says that such a thing is possible.

So the fact the Ol' Mitch and the Boys didn't let the Prosecution in donnie's trial call any witnesses would seem to indicate massive malfeasance: trump was clearly guilty of blackmailing a foreign leader with the intent of having him deliver bogus information about a person who turned out to be a formidable political opponent.

So not only donnie, but Ol' Mitch and the Boys should be in prison right now.

But they aren't.

And we move on.

donnie has let 350,00 Americans die because admitting that there is a medical emergency and doing anything about it would have made him look bad - or so his little pin head thought - so they are dead.

But we move on.

Now he is in the beginning stages of a first time thing in American history: a coup d'état.

It's getting harder to move on.

Harder not because of the heinous nature of yet another crime by the occupant of the white house, but harder because a crime so open and obvious and unchecked, and aided and abetted by the occupant's political allies - an entire political party -  is a threat to every American who depends upon our laws to work to provide a country that isn't an armed camp of bearded, racist, mysogynistic, stupid, violent little boys with guns.

We are days away from the little boys with guns calling donnie's bluff.

Stupidity begets more stupidity and violence usually follows in stupidity's wake.

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