Tuesday, January 5, 2021

An Interchange With My Son Based On Something From The Guardian

 Here is what The Guardian said:

"Eleven Christmases ago, a student boarded a Northwest Airlines plane flying from Amsterdam to Detroit with a singular mission.

"As the plane crossed the US border, he spent 20 minutes in the bathroom and then returned to his seat. There he tried to detonate his underwear, but only succeeded in burning his leg. The likely reason Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab failed to kill almost 300 people was because he was sweating too much.

"The US has often been lucky that its enemies are too incompetent to detonate their own devices. But rather than relying on good fortune, successive presidents have spent trillions of dollars building a post-9/11 military order that is supposed to protect our freedoms.

"After listening to the outgoing president’s call with Georgia officials, it’s painfully clear that Donald Trump is the underwear bomber of our democracy. We are blessed to have such incompetent enemies, but the next assailant will not sweat quite so much, or so obviously. We cannot wait until someone comes along who knows how to light the fuse."

Joe sent this to me with his usual terse comment: 

"I found this an apt description".

I replied, in my usual verbose manner: 

"It is. 

"And the fatal related fact is that most of the republican party really believe in a massively abridged implementation of the Constitution.  

"That means that they are equally as dangerous when trump is gone, because when he is gone, they will block any form of reform legislation - we learned a lot from Watergate and passed some tooth bearing laws to waylay future similarities - that would put a future criminal president on the fast track to prison. 

"Without such legislation (even with it the integrity of the republic is touch and go) it's just going to take someone Washingtonly and intellectually smart to light that fuse.

"And someone will come along and light that fuse.

"And the Republic will be pushed off the back of the toilet, where it is now, into the bowl of the toilet.  

"A lot of us won't like it when that fuse is lit, and when that toilet is filled with the detritus of 233 years; probably a significant majority of us won't like it; but "THE BASE" never disappoints: it lives up to its name with remarkable reliability.

"They will love it".


The sound you here is the sound of a toilet flushing.

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