Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Black Voters Again: Thank God

 Back in November they pushed America away from terminal disaster.

James Clyburn made the first major move earlier in the year when he endorsed Joe.

Stacy Abrahms already had the ball; since then she has just run it across the goal line.

Her brilliant organizing in Georgia today has put potential salvation for our country in the hands of the President whom they elected: Joe and Kamala have a Senate and a House.

Now - after today's defrocking of the tyrant - if only the republicans who also happen to be Americans (I have no idea if there are any such) will only sign up for the American Salvation Program that I fully expect the new President and Congress to launch immediately after 20 January, we might gradually return to a Union - at least among all women and men of good will.

It would be good to convict donnie of his crimes, also.

Or put him in a straight jacket.

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