Monday, January 25, 2021

When I Am Deplete Of Vitriol I Post Images

 To make sure there are at least a few clicks per day.

And also because my images can always tell a little story.

Sometimes I even add text.


This is Quiberon Bay at sunset.

A baby rabbit on Lopez Island. Actually, it's a European Hare.  Somebody brought them here in a previous century and they liked the place and have stayed.

To state the obvious: bee on a purple flower.

Sunset at SweptAway

That's why they call it "butterfly bush".

I think this was in Parc Montsouris; that's where I get the best images des champignons.

Paris Aquarium Tropical; I never get enough of this place.


I would call this a stile.  It bridges Canal St. Martin at an ecluse whose name I always forget.

Les fleurs de la Seine; still a dandelion, though; I love dandelions.

In le Bois de Boulogne

Guess where; I could have prettied this up with Photoshop, but I like the fact that the image looks exactly like Paris looked on the day that I took it.

Moss; this was on the wall along la Seine.

Some kind of seed tree in le Jardin des Plantes.

Couple blocks from my apartment

Cygne de la Seine

I think this is a geegaw on Napoleon's tomb.

On the Promenade des Plantes there are an amazing number of beautiful white roses.

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