Monday, January 25, 2021

A Stream Of Conscious Diatribe

After running up the aggregate National Debt - I think I have this right - during W's administration and donnie's reign of terror by 12 trillion dollars, making the total about 28 trillion dollars, they have suddenly decided that saving 20 or 30 million Americans from social, financial and future prospects of oblivion is just too expensive a proposition. 


"What difference does that make, now that we have Amy Coney Barret?" 

I am pretty sure I have heard Ol' Mitch and the Boys laughing about that recent violation of the Constitution in the cloakroom.

The billionaires that have added 400 billion to their net worth since covid started a few months ago are good with how things are working, and the republicans see the huge tax cut  that that class got under donnie to be well worth the trillions that it cost.

Lotta votes there.

And, even without that billionaire fortuitous tax cut, look at how much more wealth has been created by that tax cut - for the billionaires.

Since the covid crisis started.

Must be really good for the economy: lotta trickle down; or is it up?

But the rest of us who are waiting  for some trickle sort of down, or sort of  up, or for bootstraps that somehow pull us up into the participating class, just seem to need to wait for the best of all possible worlds to come into our particular frames of reference.

There are other possibilities.

Maybe some doses.

Of vaccine.

What a farce.

donnie most likely owns a lot of pharmaceutical stock.

So warp speed is most likely good for him.

As a sociopath, he had no reason to think about what to DO with vaccines; he just wanted to get them "out there" so they would begin to generate revenue.

Ol' Mitch was OK with that.

He probably owns a lot of vaccine company stock also.


As long as Ol' Mitch and the Boys exist, the rest of us are screwed.

donnie has slithered away for the time being, but he left us with an army of factotums; and they are all as malignant as they ever were.

One of 'em's running for governor of Arkansas.

That the republicans apparently look on Americans of the before times as some sort of joke (how can you listen to Jim Jordan and conclude anything else?) means that the plight of a huge portion of us is to become, again, serfs.

And, as I have said here several times before, that is what Ol' Mitch and the Boys have always been and still are working for.

Good, cheap, for certain - no options -  labor is good for the economy.

Feudalism was a pretty good system, after all.

Lasted lotsa years I have heard.

I still laugh, though, when I see - in my imagination - Ol' Mitch and the Boys pushed into the line with the rest of us when end times come.

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