Friday, May 14, 2021

A Few Thoughts For Today, I Guess

 I guess the big story of the last 48 hours is Big Blonde Mama Fascist, I can't remember her name, but I think I remember that she is from Georgia (apparently the transition to participating in modern American Democracy has hit a snag in the Peach State) chased Alexandria Cortez down the hall the other day, shrieking at her about being a terrorist.

AOC just kept walking, albeit rapidly; she had no idea whether Georgia Nut Woman was going to pull out her god-given-right-to-tote Glock automatic pistol and exercise her god given born in Georgia right to turn to burger meat anybody who looks "colored"; I admire AOC for her guts, but would have preferred that she had called the Capitol Police - but I guess donnie must have put a stay on that sort of request back in January, so I guess I am just glad that the Georgia Nut Case held fire.

I guess the story in that story is that we didn't have bloodshed - so far - this quarter in our Capitol.

It's nice to go three months without spattering the wall of the Capitol with blood.

I guess I am glad that the Georgia Nut Case didn't think she was after Senator Sumner - she being totally delusional - so who knows what segment of alternate facts she might be operating in at any point of time.

But it might have been interesting if they had gone at it: I'll take a lithe street fighter from Queens every time over a brain dead blonde blivet from Georgia.

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