Thursday, May 6, 2021

As I Understand It; But What, After All, Does "Understand" Really Mean?

 As I understand it, Jim Jordan and his various republican nut cases are all waiting, indeed inducing, the second coming.

I hope Google doesn't remove this post for that porn dripping statement.

The coming in question is of d. j. trump.

(I eschew the obvious fun I could have here with the preceding statement.)

And the second nature of that coming is variously described: QAnon seems to be as good a source as any.

Q says that on 4 July 2021 it is written (somewhere unspecified) that the savior, THE DONALD, will return and smite the unfaithful and, after brandishing aloft the Golden Plates, the Angel Maroni will descend and anoint THE DONALD, and the faithful will file, one by one, into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, all chanting "screw Mitt Romney; screw Mitt Romney"; and then all will be good again, with the commencement of the thousand years that prophesy has given us as fact.

The question one would ask is how did they all - the QAnon observers - all become Mormons?

A question for the ages.

Here's another question, for here and now.

Didn't Hitler say that the Third Reich was going to last a thousand years?

Or, would you believe that Jesus is going to come back, in lieu of donnie the dildo?

Jim Jordan says that Jesus has better things to do.

I would hope so.

Hitler is probably available for the event.

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