Saturday, May 15, 2021

C'est Pas Une Chose Non Tilt: This Is Not A Non Tilt Thing

 Picture a scales.

There is a vertical central member with an arm mounted near the top of that member at the middle of the arm.

That arm is mounted in that manner to serve a function.

The function is to measure the difference of the weight in each of the two trays mounted at the respective outer ends of the arm.

In the olden days one tray had a known weight so that the unknown weight of something that someone was trying to sell could be established from a known beginning point.

Those trays can be empty - which they are at time zero - or they can have weight in each of them.

After time zero, as weights are added to either side the arm tilts either one way or it tilts the other way.

Theoretically the arm could always be a no tilt thing.

Jews went into Palestine in 1948 and formed a new country: Israel.

Jews went in and took homes from Palestinians and sent them to camps; Palestinians have been in camps ever since.

I once saw a documentary in which was an interview of an Israeli Jew woman in her home.

It had been the home of a Palestinian until 1948.

The interviewer asked the woman how she felt about having taken someone's home from them.

"I got mine" she said.

I used to know somebody like her when I lived in New Jersey. 

Also, I couldn't help remembering Pug Henry buying the home of a Berlin Jew at a ridiculously low price and having the Jew thank him for buying it, because the Jew's alternative was to turn his house over to the Nazis.

For nothing.

But that was then and this is now.

The Pug Henry allusion is a useful one, however.

It gives us an idea of how many weights to put on the Israeli tray of cosmic scale.

Or at least what the name of the weights might be - cosmic is a six letter word, and as such it squirms from under being individually weighed - so we will just start putting those weights on the scale and name the one illustrated by Wouk's story of Pug Henry: "expropriation".

We need to add immediately "six million exterminated".

We need to add "centuries of on and off pogroms, and laws designed to continually expropriate the wealth of the Jews as they lived and prospered over centuries in Europe".

I think we need to add the "Inquisition".

But that is not the same as saying that, as in the olden days, we know the weight of those things.

Because we don't, because that weight is unknowable but it is cosmically huge.

The weights on the Palestinian tray are also nameable but even more difficult to quantify exactly in grams than are the Israeli weights.

They are "expropriation" - the interview noted, above is only one case among many.

Were there hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or ... ?

We don't know; Israel won't tell.

But "expropriation" goes on the tray, as does "murder", "assassination", "war crimes", "thuggery", "massive deaths" and so on and so forth.

The Jews are lucky: unlike the Palestinians, they have a documented and accepted number from which they can build their fascist aggression: six million; it almost sounds like a song lyric; it certainly is true; nobody rational argues with that number.

It's just that some of us - maybe only me - think that a people who have had that happen to them should be way more human than are the Israelis.

I don't know the tilt or lack of tilt of the cosmic scale because the weights have only names, not weight - it would be cosmically stupid to try to assign such - but on the scale of being human, I think the tilt favors the Palestinians.

This is not a non tilt thing. 

C'est pas une chose non tilt.

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