Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Randomly Selected Images For May 5, 2021

 I wanted to do an image post today.

But Screen Saver hasn't served up enough since my last image post.

The real reason is that I took the ferry to America yesterday so I could replenish supplies at Costo - wine, scotch, vodka - important foodstuffs.

I also bought this year's tomato plants.

The way the images accumulate over time is that I leave the computer on most of the day, and, after five minutes of non-use, Screen Saver starts up.  In the course of the day I walk past my work station quite a few times, and, quite frequently see images that make compelling candidates for cropping, enhancing and posting.  A quick "PrtSc" and a close encounter with PhotoShop and the rest is history.  Since I wasn't here to do that yesterday, there were only a couple images from late the previous day.

As an aside, I doubt if this process is ever going to run out of new candidate images: Screen Saver is pointed at a file exceeding 700 gigabytes (on one Paris soujourn, for example, I ran a brand new camera into a second 10,000 image folder).

So just now I went to the saved images file where I keep what Screen Saver serves me, scrolled down a few years back and randomly selected a few images.


Awhile back my wife told me I should go out and take pictures of the goldfinches eating seeds in the early morning sunshine.

I wish I could claim that I had thought through this shot, but I can't; I was walking along the tombolo, saw this guy, and pointed, and shooted.

I love thistle down and dandelion down, and the down of the mysterious purple flowers that I have been trying to get to grow in the shore grass off our deck.  

This burst was along the shore of the lake in le Bois de Vincennes.

A nice day on the quais Bernard - or near it; across the river is the entrance to the Paris Boat Basin where people moor thier private boats - l'Arsenal de Paris.

I take a lot of pictures at l'Aquarium Tropical.

Carrots make great still lifes.

La fontaine du Jardin des Grandes Explorateurs

When I was young I looked down upon these birds - we called the English Sparrows - because they weren't pretty.  In intervening years my definition of pretty has changed; I think English Sparrows are among the birds of beauty, and I am happy that we have them on Lopez mixed among the Fox Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Golden Crowned Sparrows and White Crowned Sparrows.  This one was in the flowers at Jardin du Luxembourg.

At Christmas time le Champs Elysees turns into a two mile market place of little kiosks and cabins of commerce.

This is a really good shot of a rainy day in Paris from the happy vantage point of inside le Départ St Michel.

The only place in Paris that I know of that has these beautiful white roses is Le Promenade Plantee.

Napoleon is here.

This the ferry dock at Shaw Island.  I took this picture in 2019.  From my memories of Orcas Isalnd in the 1950s, I think this must not look much different from 60 years ago.

A Lopez Song Sparrow.

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