Tuesday, May 18, 2021

It Would Be Entertaining If It Weren't So Lethal To Most Of Us

 Instead of Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO it comes out on Fox.

And it's not a movie or a mini-series or a documentary.

It's a 24 hour a day Opus Maximus.

It hasn't yet gotten a name but it shouts to be called "The Republicans: Bless Their Hearts".

In format it's a cast of clowns in a never ending series of double takes and pratfalls.

Like Laugh In it is fast paced and has myriad recurring bits: we jump without transition from Kevin McCarthy saying that trump was responsible for the insurrection to  McCarthy kneeling in homage at Mara Lago to McConnel saying the sole objective of the party is to block any and all policies proposed by the Biden Administration to Matt Gaetz  wearing a gas mask, to Matt Gaetz crashing impeachment proceedings, and to Matt Gaetz being accused of sex trafficking and to Matt Gaetz being accused of having paid sex with a minor and to it being revealed that the Justice Department is investigating Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking and having sex with a minor and to various of Matt Gaetz' Venmo transactions being traced to being payment to underage women (it should be obvious - and part of the delicious "bless their hearts" component of the Opus - that Matt Gaetz will be the republican candidate for president in 2024) and, since all good comedy needs the occasional offsetting straight faced foil, to Biden outlining his two revolutionary plans for America - it's people and its infrastructure - and then to get back on track, a fade to black where we hear the voice of Mitch McConnel saying that the republicans will block everything proposed by the Biden Administration.

One of the recurring Laugh In-like bits is a quick fade-in/fade-out of a somber looking fellow saying "we are looking for bamboo in the ballots; that will prove beyond doubt that trump won".

It just keeps going: never ending clips of republicans and their evangelical analogues fade in and out among the Matt Gaetz clips, intermingled as it were for a cosmically meaningful mélange in which we see Matt fading to a pasty faced evangelical fading to Jim Jordan Fading to Newt Gingrich, we hear "sex trafficking" we hear "we will stop the mass murder of our unborn" we hear "if they had been decent children of god they would have been born to rich white people" and we hear "yer on yer own; we got you born; now run with it"; at that point a still image transitions in screen right; it is a huge arch not unlike de Triomphe; emblazoned on it the words "Enter Here My Little Serfs" .

And occasionally we get historical comedy: Ol' Mitch saying "we can't have a Supreme Court Justice appointed this close to a presidential election" and then a fade to black accompanied by "we have to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice because of the proximity of the Presidential election".

All in all it's addictively entertaining.

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