Friday, May 28, 2021

The Record So Far


  • Unanimous "no" to American Relief Act
  • Unanimous "no" to "human infrastructure" :  Senator Shelley Moore Capito 05/28/21
  • Unanimous "no" to having the rich pay taxes
  • Unanimous "no" to controlling climate change
  • Near unanimous endorsement of a soon to be indicted criminal for another term as president
  • Removal of a republican for telling the truth
  • Continuation of a republican for crazed hate filled outbursts
  • Continuation of republican who stalks a fellow member
  • 25% endorsement of QAnon
  • Unanimous "no" to national voting reform
  • Roughly 40% endorse The Big Lie
  • Unanimous "yes" to elimination of all but core criminal "base" from the vote
I can't remember all the rest.

But there are more, many, many more.

So when one looks at 2022 it is possible to see a uniform, easy to understand, bulleted campaign strategy that would serve as the uniform template for a national, coherent, add campaign aimed at "the rest of us".

If one were not concerned with massive disenfranchisement already accomplished, one would be optimistic about "our" future.

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