Friday, May 14, 2021

The Brief Story Of A Sharp Shinned Hawk

 We see them fairly often.

They like to sit on our clothes line posts.

They are a small hawk, but fierce looking and beautiful.

A couple of years ago one had landed on the clothes line and I was getting my camera but it wouldn't wait and flew across the open space of our neighbor's seagrass  into some Douglas firs.

Just as the hawk had disappeared into the gloom of the firs a bald eagle appeared.

Camera ready, we shot some shots.

Here is one of them.

It took us a while to notice what the eagle was eating: the wings hanging down below the branch tell the tale.

The hawk had flown into the beak of an eagle just after the eagle had landed in the tree that the hawk had decided to fly to.

There may be  novel in that story.

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