Sunday, May 16, 2021

Flying Saucers

 60 Minutes tonight is the latest credible story about what we have been talking about for 70 years.

The New Yorker Radio Hour was the most recent other story of this type of which I am aware.

That was a week ago Saturday.

Everything in the current crop of stories is just more of the same that we have heard for 70 years.

The things move in manners and at speeds that nothing we have ever produced come anywhere close to being able to do.

The two obvious answers to what these things are are they are either from somewhere else or from an earthly power not us.

The problem with the not us answer is that we have been seeing these things for 70 years and they were every bit as unexplainably amazing in their capabilities then as they are now.

70 years ago the world was pretty much on its knees in the wake of WWII.

The chance that Japan or Germany or England or France had developed 28th century technology in the midst of the crumbling of civilization of the Twentieth Century was then and is now unlikely.

So the two possibilities left are that we have been and are being surveilled by some other life form or the US, in tandem with the Manhattan Project developed something amazing and we are waiting for the appropriate moment to unleash it upon something.

For most of the 70 years of UFO reports the US Government has depicted every report at best trivial misinterpretation of natural and explainable phenomena such as meteors and swamp gas or at worst the ravings of lunatics.

The fact that we are suddenly confronted with myriad government endorsements of the existence of these things is more unnerving than 70 years of denials.

It would seem to me that the answer to this new found candor is that whatever they are they are ours and whatever they were intended for is imminently going to be revealed.

Nonetheless, I personally think it's the aliens.

But it also could be our first ever proof of the practical implication of quantum physics: it's us from somewhere else and some other time in the bubble.

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