Friday, May 28, 2021

China Or Us; It IS A Decision, Not Just Fate

 It IS a decision.

And WE CAN make it: do we want to fade into a Britain-like after glow of world leadership, or do we want to move forward - again?

We have been here a lot of other times: 1860, 1917, 1941, 1950, and 1968 among them.

All but one of those dates involved a war, and they were wars that we entered and the whole world benefited from our entry.

1968 was a first ever thing of the people: the question was posed, are we a nation that means what what is said in our founding documents or are we just bullshit artists?

The jury is still out on that question, but the question is still, at least, open.

Ronald Reagan made a yeoman's theatrical attempt at an answer: he asserted that we are not a nation in which welfare queens will be allowed to exist, but we are a nation in which a properly directed trickle of the vast fruit of the aggregate contribution of every American will lift all boats (presumably lifting most to the surface).

We have had 41 years of that economic assertion and most of us are still at or below the surface.

The trickle down hasn't lifted any boats; it has trickled down the toilet; but a few toilet manufacturers have become blindingly rich.

Joe Biden apparently has seen that state of affairs and thinks that it is time to change it.

He has made a modest proposal to play catch up in investment in America that has been in abeyance since Reagan, for over 40 years.

If one looks at the state of things - America as a non-player in the world, except for Super Hero movies and trillion dollar stupid wars, and China as the nation that holds the world in a supply chain chokehold and imminent nuclear threat checkmate - it might seem that the time is nigh for America to awake from its conspiracy theory based nut culture induced malaise, and invest massively in its people, for they ultimately are our foundational infrastructure, its institutions and its things and products - classic infrastructure - and in re-creating American resident supply chains - supply chains that can serve the world, not just America, and in launching programs that unleash American creativity, and jobs, in support of getting us off the constantly incrementing upwards rheostat of global warming.  

A lot of jobs result from doing those things.

A lot of taxes result from those jobs.

A lot of prosperity will result for most of us, rather than for almost none of us, from doing those things.

So, here is the decision.

Will you do everything necessary to see that you get to vote in 2022, in spite of all the republican laws that exclude you, for a slate of senators and congress people who will be willing to say "yes" to the salvation of America?

Or do want China to be the next template for the world?


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