Tuesday, May 4, 2021

More We Was Robbed Crap

 Derek Chauvin and his attorney want to compell the judge in Chauvin's recent conviction to interview unspecified members of the jury because the only way Chauvin could have been found guilty is that there must have been misconduct on the part of the jury.

Change the specifics and you get "the only way I could have lost the election is that the election was stolen; I don't need proof other than the fact that I lost, so the election had to have been stolen".

In times that I can still remember the purveyor of that ridiculous assertion would have been laughed out of Washington.

Instead, a couple hundred members of Congress said that indeed the election was stolen.

And now they are supporting the January insurrection.

So laughing off Ol' Dereks version of the big lie is not a thing to be done lightly.

And if the trial is forced into a re-do because of ridiculous late breaking trumplogic, then that fact can be added to the fact that a perfectly valid popular vote landslide has been forever tainted by lying donnie, and we are only one or two more similar incidents away from the complete disintigration of the United States.

It's jackal logic: "harass and slash at the poor beast until he turns to fight; then all us jackals can have a bloody feast".

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