Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"The Election Was Stolen" In 1800

 That could have been the false assertion that John Adams could have made after losing the election of 1800.

Thomas Jefferson won that election.

It had been a brutal campaign, but Jefferson won and that was that.

Adams became a former President and went back to Quincy, ultimately re-establishing his life long friendship with Jefferson.

They both died on the same day in the same year - 1826 - and on the same day July 4; Adams' last words were "Jefferson lives".

Joe Biden won in 2020 by 6 or so million votes, this time distributed across the states in such a manner that a popular vote landslide actually elected a president in the electoral college.

But lying donnie and his "base" don't like that outcome.

"Since he lost it must have been fixed" they all are saying.

There isn't even a debating error of which I am aware that covers that spurious assertion.

So, leave it in the donnie gutter, where, donnie, his spawn, and his factotums all  prosper and revel.

But I can't help remembering back in 2000 when the Supreme Court awarded the presidency to W; Al Gore, because he, like all presidential candidates up to that point in history, was a patriot, chose to concede when he had lost Florida, and the Presidency, by less than 700 votes.

Richard Nixon in 1960 made a similar decision when he conceded to John Kennedy, in what had turned out to be a razor thin difference of popular votes.

America used to mean something.

America once was not a fantasy island reality show where he who yells the loudest, and longest, wins in the battle of assertions.

America was not a place where the highest rated cable "news" show was hosted by an abject liar.

America didn't allow lies to masquerade as news.

John Adams was bitter about losing but he had been there at the beginning and he wanted that beginning to forge ahead on the stage of world history.

Thinking about lying that he had been robbed was not a possible thought in his head.

No other thought - than lying - ever occurred to donnie.

On 8 November 2016 I was in Paris - I had voted absentee before I left - and I took a picture of the statue of Thomas Jefferson at Pont Solferino on a walk that I took that day down the river.

I included that picture in a post I made to this blog on that day.

That post said something to the effect that I was confident that the list of American Presidents would never be sullied with the inclusion of donnie the dildo.

I still become nauseous when I remember watching the election returns on CNN in my Paris apartment that night. 

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